What is Weasy?

Weasy helps you to build your enterprise data warehouse, following modern principles like Data Vault 2.0 and Code Generation – and this is very easy.

With Weasy we implemented our understanding of modern data warehousing, which has evolved in many intriguing projects for mid- and large-sized customers.

Weasy aims for generating and automating as much as possible. This is made possible by building a sophisticated metadata model. Structural information about your sources is fetched and enriched with information about the desired target. After that, all code for data warehousing is generated.



Weasy works with your sources metadata. You will enrich this metadata with some rules for Data Vault generation – thats it!


You will adjust the preferences of Data Vault generation. Weasy will produce the database tables and loading processes based on these standards. It does not matter if you have to incorporate 10 source tables or 10000.


Weasy aims for incorporating source systems into an EDW in a quick and standardized manner.


Use Weasy for free

You can download Weasy for free and evaluate it without any limitation.

We only ask you to give us feedback. If you are planning a data warehouse project, we are glad to offer you the implementation using our tool.

Getting started


Installation Guide


Watch short videos about installation and usage of Weasy.



Contact & Consultancy

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